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Live with wife in Seaside Oregon. I like the Karma and feel that it is a very solid platform. The battery life is disappointing. I do
wish GoPro would design another drone, I know they won't, ...... I would buy it in a minute.
Take your pathetic whining elsewhere. Anyone who has to save for a year to buy a drone shouldn't be buying one at all, as they clearly can't afford one. And GoPro has been awesome replacing things for me...maybe its your crappy attitude.
As I said in the previous line this is a good safety margin. Result perfect flying enjoyment.
Hi Ironspear, I've just returned from trip to Rarotonga in the Cooks. I got some good Karma material with no problems. By sticking to a flight time of no more that ten minutes and getting a solid GPS fix before take off, all went smoothly in an average island onshore breeze. The drone answered to all my movements. After about a ten minut flight the battery showed around 2 to 3 lights on the battery.
James Hatch
James Hatch
It has been quite awhile since I last posted. Now I am looking forward to spending another Christmas and New Year flying my Karma Drone once again on the Cook Island of Rarotonga
Wiggle Room!
I know how tight it is to get the female slots on the camera to slide into the male fittings on the camera case. This was done by GoPro to make sure of a good solid connection. Also you need that little wiggle to remove it. I use a 60 gig card, which holds all the material I need in one shooting period. So don't rush your fences and take your time and make sure the clip is secure.
Gotcha. For me there is force and there is FORCE! I've been around electronics long enough that this just seemed a little tighter than normal. I use a 128GB card, but like to transfer after every flight. I wish there was a pass-through connection so I could leave it in the drone (or just the cradle) and still export the photos easily.
I also have a GoPro 5 and 6 mounted on hand grips. Yes I two Hand Grips. My GoPro 7 is mounted on a very small tripod which I use for a hand grip, when controlling the camera with my Suptig WiFi remote, a very useful tool that I bought through Amazon as you will see in photos that I will post in the future.
Set your camera for 1080 at 60 frames per second, Check that your camera clock is running with a double click before you start the motors. you can always select from your video any good single frames that you need in editing.. I am using Wondershare Filmora for editing and find it very good. Look for some of my You Tube postings in the near future to see the great HD quality of my GoPro 5 camera in the drone.
Hi everybody,
I just became a Karma pilot since this month and never fly a UAV before, I did and enjoyed some flying since then and shot some still photos, I am a travel and wildlife photographer so this is a new prospective for my photography, I love to fly the Karma although there are flooded with negative information on the web, I am getting more confidence now on karma after reading your great posts.
I am still waiting to find out if you are going to fly your drone up the Murray to Tailem Bend? From what I hear you could do that with a hydrogen job.
My Karma lost GPS said it was landing in place, then flew away never to be seen again!! Support gave five different reasons why then said it was my fault!! :-( I don't think i've ever been more pissed off!! What can I do it was six months old?
When my battery power nears the 5 minute mark, the Karma rises up but I can't get it to go down. I have to direct the Karma to long grass and pray for a soft crash landing. Any ideas anyone?
that's auto-return function I guess. it's supposed to ascend to a preset return altitude (30m by default, it's advisable to set it to 50-70-100m to avoid the trees and such) and then fly to the start location or to where the controller is.
you should be able to cancel the auto-return by clicking the Cancel button somewhere on the screen.

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