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I am still waiting to find out if you are going to fly your drone up the Murray to Tailem Bend? From what I hear you could do that with a hydrogen job.
My Karma lost GPS said it was landing in place, then flew away never to be seen again!! Support gave five different reasons why then said it was my fault!! :-( I don't think i've ever been more pissed off!! What can I do it was six months old?
When my battery power nears the 5 minute mark, the Karma rises up but I can't get it to go down. I have to direct the Karma to long grass and pray for a soft crash landing. Any ideas anyone?
that's auto-return function I guess. it's supposed to ascend to a preset return altitude (30m by default, it's advisable to set it to 50-70-100m to avoid the trees and such) and then fly to the start location or to where the controller is.
you should be able to cancel the auto-return by clicking the Cancel button somewhere on the screen.
started bringing it back to me and all of a sudden it just dropped out of the sky like a dead bird into the river
Goodbye to Karma sad to say my brand new Karma failed out of the box never flew. GoPro offered to replace it with a rebuilt unit not new
WhatsApp everyone I am new to flying Drones and I was wondering what is the furthest anyone has flown a go pro karma
Ano po requirments pag ng customs sa pinas pg binili mo ang drone mo sa US at dalhin mo jan sa pinas.? Plz answer po..ty
ano po requierments sa custom sa pinas pag pag nag dala kanang drone at binili mo sa ibang bansa.? Plz Answer
Anyone brought there gopro karma in the Philippines? Do you need a permit to fly a drone in the philippines?
I did and you don't need a permit. I lost mine back in December when I fly it in the city(I bypassed the gps coz it wont let me fly)
Phil, it depends on the class of video and speed of drone. Karma is slow and steady with the best videos on the market. If you want speed and not so high quality then go with DJI. I am for high definition and stability.
How is the Albany Doctor thee days?
James, Fifty odd kph is enough for me. With 5 & 6 the quality at 2.7k 50fps Linear is great. Yes, it loses connection with the controller sometimes but I've had no problem with it 'homing'. The Karma really is fun to fly! I gather you're in the Netherlands James? The 'Doctor' is more a Fremantle thing in WA - down here on the south coast it's pretty well windy all the bloody time but that's good for the wind farm!

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