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Karma refusing to pair - Reverse engineering investigation


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Jul 31, 2018
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Adelaide, South Australia
not sure if anyone here is still around but i recently bought a used karma drone and ran into the pairing issue where the drone turns on but wont connect to the controller or even turn off when i hold the power button, i tried everything on youtube and forms but non really helped so i put it back into its case and left it for like 24 horus with the battery in it and gave it a try again and it just worked so i took it out and flew it around and then tried to put in a new battery to fly some more and the same issue started again. I noticed that when the controller won't pair the gimble will for some reason just not work or turn on the camera but when the gimble works and the camera turns on everything works fine. I left the drone to sit for about an hour after i flew it with the fresh battery in it and when i went to start it hold and behold it worked again so i turned it off using the button and back on again and the pairing problem started again along with the gimble and camera not working so i started repeating this and it kept only working after 1 hour then after a couple of tries it started working after 30mins then 20 then 18 (for some reason never at 15mins) but now its down to a 6min wait but now i can swap the battery between flights as long as i do it in less than 10 seconds i can also now turn on the drone and off as much as i want. im not sure if this is isolated to just me or if it is something that might work for everyone but it's here hope this helps some if not all :)
Hiya mate. I haven't read about this happening to anyone on here before. At least your still flying. Mine is still working fine, no issues as of yet. Have fun.

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