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How many Karma's are still flying?

I am still grounded after what will be 2 years on Jan 1st 2022. I logged a support call with Gopro shortly after but they are yet to resolve the issue. For some reason I am not able to update my unit to the latest firmware. It thinks that it is fine on version 1.4. I am connected to the internet on my controller, I can login with my GoPro account and download download maps. I have requested that they just provide me wit ha manual way of upgrading the firmware but they claim there is no such thing. I have called them out on this and provided them with the following youtube video which shows people changing the firmware with the controller connected to a computer via the USB C cable.
Apparently there are people turning them into hand held gaming units with things like Doom on them. Anyhow Im almost at the point where I am going to give up, two years of having to continually chase them up as they never just get back to me is enough. They claim that they want to help but never provide me anything that resolves the issue. Its general do a full reset which I have been asked to do about 8 times. All I need is the latest firmware but it appears to be just too hard for them. I have asked on a couple of the boards if anyone has the firmware image that I can upload for the latest version but Im yet to hear from anyone.
So, using the process from my previous post I have been able to manually flash my controller to version 2 of the firmware. I was then able to get updates and I am now on 2.50.1.


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