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Broke 3 propellers at take off

Discussion in 'Karma Discussion' started by Dropi57, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Dropi57

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    Jan 7, 2018
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    Lake of Zurich, Switzerland
    This was my second take off, unfortunately the camera wasn‘t recording, as my purple was more to get acquainted with the Karma.

    What happened: I started up the drone an the controller on level ground, in virtually windstill conditions. Both the battery and the controller were fully loaded. A first flight was without any hitches and I landed the drone again. Next I planned to film a short sequence, so carried the drone back to the same starting spot. When I pressed the button for automatic take-off, I heard the increased buzz of the propellers turning. And then, still on the ground, the drone fell to one side, breaking off both propellers, then - from the moment of the propellers still rotating - onto the other side, breaking the other propeller at the front.

    I have no idea what had happened, and I am still a bit shell shocked. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Being an inexperienced drone pilot, I thought having the automatic take-off was more adequate than attempting a manual one. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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