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Recent content by Midnightsparks

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    Karma not pairing

    I have tried everything from restoring my camera and controller to factory settings n than trying to pair again
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    Karma downgrade software?

    Is there a way to install the old software to see if this fixes an issue I’m having with my drone
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    Karma not pairing

    I am having the same problem did anyone find a way to resolve this issue?
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    Lost GPS signal on my Karma

    @CRXPanda have you done any testing?
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    Karma registration?

    how do you file for a refund?
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    Software Update Warning

    I have the same thing going on
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    Software Update Warning

    i was looking for the drone @McToddy
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    Fully fold out arms warning

    I had a similar problem after a small crash I pulled the battery and pressed the power button replaced the battery and not an issue since
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    Karma update, July 14th

    any more word on this?
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    Software Update Warning

    what is the latest software version mine has 1.50 and is tellin me it is up to date