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Recent content by Jaybob1963

  1. J

    Anyone Hacking the Karma?

    Karma can already get much distance, béyond àny normal needs just go menu remove restric.
  2. J

    My Karma drone fell out of the sky.

    Seems gopro not being forthright , wonder if it related to stabilizer software?? Shutting down mid flight....yikers!!!!
  3. J

    Bad GoPro Support?

    Fed ex took 10 work days one Way, total Time Both Ways Was Way Over Two Weeks...... I Think Go Pro Has Differant Wharehouse. Locations this why some get items turn around sooner......
  4. J

    Lost signal between controller and drone at 250 feet away no GPS

    Yes I see, very clear indeed , hopefully you come out on top!!!!!good luck J.C..
  5. J

    Flying karma drone without camera

    The stabilizer won't arm motors if it doesn't detect camera.
  6. J

    Flying karma drone without camera

    Cannot be done son!!
  7. J

    Karma Being Discontinued - What do we do?

    Just like 3Dr all over again ,
  8. J

    Lost signal between controller and drone at 250 feet away no GPS

    The ad says body only , but you are showing the included in box portion of package , I assume. I can see how they are concerned about your claim , seems as is problem here they ,sold complete drone but advertised as body only , that is just drone, no controller stabilizer ???????
  9. J

    Lost connection 1-6-18

    Are you certain you inserted battery correct. Sounds like original problem , just my 2 cents. My karma is down now waiting for dreaded stabilizer swapout. Maybe your stabilizer failed have you tried re arming motors since incedent. Stabilizer failure will not let motors start....again no...
  10. J

    Error Msg: Unable to Takeoff - RESOLVED!

    Good news! karma team will be swapping out my stabilizer, can't wait to hear motors buzzin! Thanks to all ........
  11. J

    Error Msg: Unable to Takeoff - RESOLVED!

    Thank goodness I found this post,my refur b karma. Is doing same thing and care center reps are all pretty much green. They had me thinking it was no fly related , so I loaded big bird up and drove over 20 miles trying to get motors to arm ,always with same message " unable to start motors...