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    Karma wifi won't power on.

    Hi, if you not have tried it already I would try the pairing process to see if that helps https://gopro.com/help/articles/how_to/How-to-Pair-the-Karma-Controller-to-the-Drone Good luck
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    Hero 8 Black - Will It Work In Karma?

    Looks a little different and no clarification... EDIT: No it won't and has no video output :(
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    I don't suppose it does flight time any favors :)
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    Karma Drone not connecting to Stabilizer

    Just to check, if you are using a Hero 7 Black in the Karma Grip (not in the drone), the actual Karma Grip handle has to also be updated using the USB-C connection and Quik on a computer. https://gopro.com/help/articles/how_to/How-to-Update-the-Karma-Grip
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    Flight Log Hacking

    Dashware can be tweaked using some files from Quik which contains lots of the dashware product. Not sure if file merging data extraction works. I could not get that to work with hero 6.
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    Flight Log Hacking

    I may be wrong, a while since I tried but doesn't it store a lot of data in the video files using the space for extra audio tracks. Dashware used to extract it and it included motor speeds, height, distance, etc
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    Karma with Hero6 directly from GoPro

    Actually reduced at GoPro UK as well...
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    Karma drone check in case

    Don't forget that typically flight batteries have to be cabin rather than hold luggage.
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    Anyone in UK have Tips on the 50m rule?

    Enjoy your visit. It will interesting to see if Karma's flight range is different in the UK with our EU WiFi regulations compared to what you normally get.
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    Anyone in UK have Tips on the 50m rule?

    In the UK the official website to start at is at Introduction - Dronesafe It also has an app which shows airport and other no fly zones and if any special events are on e.g. airshows. If you can avoid any people. After Gatwick don't be surprised if you see fists being shaken at your drone and...
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    Range Extender Antenna

    This gentleman seems to have also modified the antennas in the aircraft.
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    Karma Drone not responding

    Camera fully charged? Does the gimbal work okay in the Karma Grip?
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    Anyone Buying the new karma?

    True Grit required to try this...
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    Anyone Buying the new karma?

    For best picture quality my Phantom 4 Pro V2 wins with its 1" sensor and also wins on flight time and range. But nearly as heavy as Karma and three times the price. The non linear video from Karma in 4K is a let down but it can sort of be fixed in some video processing suites. Karma with...
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    Karma drone batteries on sale at bestbuy $49.99

    They do have a manufacturing date on them thus one can check stock age. Not sure about Karma flight batteries but other makers drone batteries smart electronics discharge the battery to optimum storage charge level after ten days.